Passphrases Replace Passwords



To make sure you have a strong passphrase, don't chose common phrases - "To be or not to be, that is the question" or a line from your favorite song, book or movie will not be as secure as a random set of words.

So think about your world and use it to create a passphrase. Someone who's favorite movie is the The Lorax, who grew up in Castle Street as a child, hates spinach and who's sister's birthday is the 12th of April might chose the following passphrase; LoraxCastle12AprilSpinach.

When creating a passphrase to use as your password remember:

  • Use different passwords for different systems
  • Don't share your passwords
  • Make sure you log-off after logging into a system or service
  • Use two-factor authentication, if available
  • Don't write down your passphrase if at all possible (consider using a password manager)
  • The longer your passphrase the more secure it is