Understanding the Phone Keypad

The following figure shows the keys on the phone:

1 Line Key 1—Activate a line that can be assigned to your phone.
2 Line Key —Activate a line that can be assigned to your phone. This key cap can be switched with a
Message key cap (included in shipping package).
Individual multi-color LEDs display the dynamic call state and remote user status (presence).
3 Display Control Keys—Use arrow keys to scroll through the displayed information. Use the Select
key to select a field of displayed data or enter edit mode for some settings.
4 Hold —Holds an active call or resumes a held call.
5 Headset —Allows you to place and receive calls through an optionally connected headset.
6 Speakerphone —Allows for handsfree communication during calls.
7 Microphone Mute —Mutes local audio during calls.
8 Dial Pad—Provides the 10 digits, alphabetic characters, and special characters available in
context-sensitive applications.
9 Menu Key—Access local and call server features.
10 Dial Key—Dials phone numbers or allows you to view the placed call list.
11 Soft Keys—The screen will display labels for these keys, to identify their context-sensitive