Entering Data and Editing Fields

To enter text using the dial pad, press the number keys one or more times.

For example, for ‘A’ press ‘2’ and for ‘C’ press ‘222’. The text that can be entered by a key is shown beneath
the entry line. This is true for all languages that the phone can display. When in text entry mode, the title will
show whether keys will generate numbers (1) or characters (a or A).

The type of text entry available is displayed in the title line as shown next.

Switch between alphabetic (with and without an uppercase letter first) and numeric text entry by
pressing the # key. Special characters like * and _ are considered alphabetic and appear when you press
*, 1, or 0.

Switch to uppercase by pressing the Up arrow key and to lowercase by pressing the Down arrow key.

Note: Entering URLs or IP addresses

Pressing # also allows for URL or IP address entry. These options are only available to system administrators in appropriate menu items. For example, when editing directory contacts use Abc, abc, or 123 and when editing server addresses use URL, IP, or 123.

Tip: Entering Special Characters

To enter the # character, use the * key to access the appropriate special character. # cannot be entered using its own key because it is used to change text entry modes.

Press the Ok soft key to save your changes. Press the Cancel soft key to clear your changes.

Press and hold the Backspace soft key to delete an entire field.

Note: All Capitals Not Supported

ABC mode is not supported on the SoundPoint IP 32x/33x phone. However, it is possible to enter an uppercase character by following these steps:

1 Select the abc or Abc soft key.
2 Enter the value in lower case.
3 While the letter is highlighted, press the arrow up key. It will convert to uppercase