Navigating Menus, Lists, and Fields

To navigate through menus and to enter data, you can:

• Press the Menu key to enter or exit any menu.
• Press the left arrow key repeatedly to exit any menu.
• Press the arrow keys to scroll through the lists.

Timesaver: Page Up and Page Down Shortcuts

Press the * key to page up. Press the # key to page down. These shortcuts can be used when lists
appear on more than one page. However, these shortcuts do not work in the Contact Directory.

• Use the dial pad keys to navigate through and make selections in numbered menu lists.
• View the navigation guide icon in the top left-hand corner of the graphic display that shows which
arrow keys can be used at a particular sublevel.

The following figure shows that the Left arrow, Right arrow, Down arrow, and Select keys can be used at this point.

Note: Automatically Exiting the Menu

After 40 seconds of inactivity, the menu system will also automatically exit to the idle screen
unless an edit session is in progress.

• Press and hold (for one second) from the idle screen:

○ The Line 2 Key to point to the contact where you can scroll through the individual fields.
○ The Dial Key to the Placed Calls list.
Pressing the Dial Key again will call the highlighted number.
Pressing the Dial Key while dialing will dial the current number.